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Completing the CWAP program at Pinna Infotech was the best decision I have made in my academic/professional career. The program provides not only the opportunity for extensive, cutting edge live project training and advance software technology, but also the opportunity to examine the real, applied, and high-tech sides of Information Technology. My experience in the program has given me a well-rounded knowledge of the Information Technology world, as well as marketable skills that are invaluable to anyone entering the field of Information Technology.

Ajay, USA

My name is Neeraj and I am from Allahabad. I am persuing CWAP at Pinna Infotech. I thought that spending my time in Pinna Infotech would be very helpful for my future.

Neeraj ,Allahabad

It is difficult to sum up in few words my six months studying at the Pinna Infotech New Delhi Centre but I would say: efficient methodology of training brings me as a successful software engineer.

Prateek , Delhi

My Industrial Training in Pinna Infotech has been a very enriching experience. Thanks to the Pinna Infotech Newdelhi Centre I spent eight fantastic weeks. The staff is composed of really dynamic qualified and pleasant teachers so as to make you feel good and relaxed. The CWAP program at Pinna Infotech was just what I was looking for. I had an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and had been working in IT research for several years.

Shahil, New Delhi

I completely enjoyed our visit and am very interested in becoming a student in CWAP program. The curriculum is so creative and current, and has been conceived to remain so with every passing semester, that it is hard to imagine a more progressive manner in which to gain my IT expertise.

Shalini, Allahabad